Qui Vive (pronounced KEE VEEVE) is literally French for “long live who?” (i.e. which king do you serve?), but has been appropriated in English to mean ‘alert’, with the phrase on the qui vive meaning “on the lookout”.  Qui Vive Design is ever-vigilant in finding interesting products, projects and clients, and is always looking out for excellent solutions to challenging art and design problems. 

Under the Qui Vive Design umbrella, you'll find the work from Simmons Studios (photography & design), ManiForm (Etsy), ManiFold (origami work) and ManiPurl (knitwear). All of this comes from the able hands of designer, artist and educator, Shawn Simmons. For over 20 years, Shawn has been creating effective and interesting work for clients, for sale and for exhibitions around the world.